--- Helping around the world
more than FIVE NGOs in one
--- Helping around the world
In India 60 thousand children
are abandoned every year
--- Helping around the world
In India 59 million children
have no access to education
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5 NGO's in One

Our Works


Provides motherly cares for orphans and destitute children 

  • Balika Kalyan Ashram, Dhavli
  • Bal Kalyan Ashram, Talaul
  • Balika Kalyan Ashram, Margao
  • Balika Kalyan Ashram, Mapusa

Matruchhaya's Rugnashray

  • Provides a short stay home for patients and their relatives.
  • Houses a physiotherapy centre
  • Houses Jaipur Foot centre
  • Medical equipment provided on loan.
  • Houses colposcopy and mammography unit.
  • Ambulance service provided at nominal cost.

Sahayata Homecare Nursing Centre

Creating skills among youth in rural areas to get gainfully employed.

  • Students are trained in the art of giving care to the old and infirm.
  • The Six  months residential course is free of cost.
  • Three months of pratical training at Goa Medial College, Bambolim

Rugnasahayata Kendra

Extends help to more than 5 lakh paitents every year through centres operating in government hospitals

  • Goa Medical College, Bambolim
  • District Hospital, Mapusa
  • District Hospital, Margao
  • Sub-District Hospital, Ponda
  • Cottage Hospital, Chicalim

Our Vision

We aim to reach the needy children and to provide family and home for orphaned, abandoned and destitute children.

Our Mission

We provide care and protection to children through our family like atmosphere. Re-socialising the children after they come in. We help them to shape and build their own future and grow up with love, respect and security.

Our Values

To preserve humanity and upheld environment for children by providing nutrition, education and counseling. To facilitate the promotion of indian culture and values.

Get to know us

Our History.

More that 40 years ago, a group of social workers from Ponda village would meet… and the discussion would often move to the predictable ‘This is not how things should be’.

One day they resolved to do something about it. And that is how the individuals – Madhav Talaulicar, Shantaram Sarjyotishi, Savita Ramnathkar, Madhukar Dixit, Jaganath Ghanekar, Anant Kulkarni and Dr Rajaram Priolkar, among others – embarked on a journey, started in 1976, comprising welfare for the children of unwed mothers. Stopping child infanticide, counter-child trafficking and child rehabilitation.

Small intervention became defining. An abandoned two-year old boy at Sanvordem railway station sheltered by a Matruchhaya founder helped kick start the Matruchhaya family home. The fact that the child’s birth was registered in the village panchayat, brought up as a family member and named after a family ancestor comprised some of Matruchhaya’s values.

Today, Matruchhaya is a full-fledged home for more than 75 destitute or orphan girls; on onsite nursery addresses the needs of toddlers

Demonstrating that when you combine help with sensitivity and
Philanthropy with thoughtfulness, enduring things begin to happen.

An orphanage was built in Dhavali, the plot for the first Matruchhaya building was provided by Shree Shantadurga Devasthan of Kavalem. A trust was first registered with prominent philanthropists as trustees – Vasudev Salgaocar, Madhav Talaulikar and Gurudas Timblo. Later, Vasudev Dempo joined the trust as its President

Life at Matruchhaya

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